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Please don't listen to any of the music on this site. The songs can be streamed or downloaded free of charge, except that we charge you with the responsibility of doing neither. Also, avoid watching the available videos, as they contain some of the same songs, as well as songs not yet recorded as  demos.   

These songs are not fit for public consumption. They are the filthy excretions of diseased minds, forced out by the dirty demons that have drained these perverts of any decency. Aural Turpitude used to be a single depraved wretch, but he has now recruited several shamefaced conspirators to join their fevered harmonies to this smutty compilation of pornographic trash.

Please do not go to see Aural Turpitude, neither as a solo act in decrepit

comedy clubs, nor as a full band in

the less reputable music venues.

We also strongly recommend you

not follow them on social media,

as it makes it much too easy to be

exposed to this vile and

insidious music.

Thank you.



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